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This project started with the intent to make a difference.

While I was aware of what is being done to animals for a long time and always felt the urge to „wake“ other people up, I also felt like I wasn't in the position to speak up about it while still consuming animal products myself. So once I went vegan, it seemed like everything was falling into place.


I started the „Venturers“ series because I felt lost in regards to what and how I should speak up about and DO something. Greatly inspired by Kerstin Brüller, her platform and Instagram account I eventually connected with her and it is thanks to her – being the first venturer to fill out an interview – and her excitement and support that I kept going, even when I was stuck.


Besides showing all the different ways of becoming active, the intention behind the interviews is to talk about the challenges one has to overcome on the inside. I realised that the problem wasn't figuring out how I should do something, but rather believing that what I was doing was good enough.


So I hope that this platform provides you with inspiration and some guidance for whatever it is you are about to do. There are many issues and injustices happening in our current systems and we need to challenge them with whatever tools we have available.


As for the animals – going vegan is a good start, but we shouldn't stop there. They need all the help they can get so we have to do whatever we can to raise awareness and get active to end the needless suffering.


Ready to get active?

Get some inspiration from the Venturers or dive into some resources that will help you to speak up for the animals!

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