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3 Easy yet Efficient Ways to be Active for the Animals

Updated: Apr 1, 2022

“If our stance on equality, empathy and liberation makes us snowflakes - then you best believe winter is coming." - Amy Soranno


Recently I've been watching a bunch of videos from the Animal Justice Academy and in one of them they talked about how the Animal Rights movement has different activism approaches and how all of them are important, since they all tackle different layers. From grassroot to changing laws and from holding a sign on the streets to using your skills online.

So in this blogpost I want to list a few easy ways to take action for the animals on your own, requiring litte time and equipment. They might not seem like the most „heroic“ actions, but remember, every action counts, and no matter how small, they can still have a big impact.


I want to start with chalking, which I first heard of in a video with Geoff Regier. (I haven't been in the game for very long so yes, I just heard about it!). He started chalking „The film Earthlings changed my life“ randomly over town. Without any hint of what the movie is about or why it changed his life. He went on saying, that he had met people on events who said they've seen the chalking, watched the movie and as a result of it went vegan. So this action is not only easy – all you need is chalk – but also effective.

Check out Wendy Linton and @veganchalkchallenge for more inspiration!

Chalk artwork and images used for this blog post by Wendy Linton


This web-based tool was developed by Vegan Hacktivists and can be used by anyone with a twitter account. It scans and displays all the posts that mention veganism or anything related to veganism and provides pre-made responses to the most common vegan-related questions as well as an option to type up your own, which you then copy and post under the relevant tweet. The idea behind this is that people who don't have a big following and most likely no vegans in their following, will get encouragement, help or advice to whatever question they might have.

So 5 minutes of tweeting might be enough to help somebody else to make the switch!

When using this tool, Vegan Hacktivists recommend to look at the previous replies and ensure that others have not already responded with the same answer, to prevent your tweet from being flagged as spam. You can sign up for an account and save your own custom replies so you don’t always have to edit the pre-filled prompts.

What are you waiting for? ➺

Pic by Ben Kolde on unsplash

The Fast Action Network

This platform created by the Humane League provides an online meeting space centralizing the most pressing and impactful actions for animals in one place. You create your own account and choose which actions you are interested in taking – signing petitions, sharing on social media, emailing, making calls etc. Whenever you have time, you check what actions are currently up and pressing and do what you can with the time you have.

Get started! ➺ The Fast Action Network

Pic by coinview on unsplash


Check out 5minutes5vegans and The Fast Action Network.

If you have other easy ways of how to be active please feel free to write me and I can add them to the list!

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