Time to share.

You made it this far - so let me take you a little further down the rabbit hole. In an attempt to keep it short & sweet - what I write and ask questions is what I care about:

Personal Growth, Awareness &
our Contribution to the World

I believe, that in order to live in a way that doesn’t harm animals and the planet, we first need to free ourselves. From social norms, old habits, worn out believes and conditioning. If we keep chasing the wrong goals, we’ll never be truly fulfilled and therefore capable of changing and caring about others and our planet - and find our contribution to the world. We will keep being too preoccupied with ourselves and simply won’t have the energy.

Because it’s exhausting to constantly compare yourself to others.


To live up to social standards and traditions that you don’t agree with or even think are wrong. It’s a constant fight. Trying to be somebody that you’re not. And it needs to stop. You need to stop it. Because nobody else will do it for you. It won't always be easy, but still - every single one of us is capable of doing so. And I hope by asking questions and sharing my thoughts I will start turning some wheels in your brain.

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